A fresh twist on classic Italian dishes
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A Pizzaiolo's journey

Proccolino's may have first opened its doors to the Orlando area in 2001, but the story behind the restaurant goes back much further. It starts with Eddie Pagan, the founder and owner of Proccolino's, who was born in New Jersey & raised in New York and Puerto Rico. It was at the age of 16, while living in Puerto Rico, that he started working in the restaurant industry. From there, Pagan started down a road that would lead him to various mom & pops restaurants. But it was the people that worked there that would influence his journey to become the chef and Pizzaiolo he is Today! There was Proccolo Testa, his 1st real New York Italian mentor guiding Pagan to become a Pizzaiolo, and then there was the Santamaria Family,Enzo and Tina Santamaria, Who influenced his Italian cuisine,back in 1986 since then he has been putting his own spin on every dish and now he can call Proccolinos's his own. Today proccolino's has many tasteful recipe creations. That provides customers with a reminder of back home !!! With a New York neighborhood pizzeria ambiance and the authentic New York Style Pizza & the Italian dishes that we all grew up with and crave!!! Come by and get the New York Italian flair at Proccolino's! Bona Petito!